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Discount code

What is a discount coupon?

A discount coupon is a freebie or discount mechanism we give away from time to time. Our discount coupon usually consists of a series of letters and numbers.

How to receive a discount coupon?

Occasionally we offer promotions via discount coupon through our newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter for latest updates!

How do i use a discount coupon?

Whenever you receive a discount coupon you may use it whenever you make a purchase:
  • Login to your account. b.liv may offer a discount coupon to be used by non-registered members from time to time.
  • Once you complete the shopping process and you are reviewing your shopping cart, you will see a use discount coupon box at the bottom left below your order list.
  • Tick the box and key in the discount coupon code.
  • You cart value will be automatically updated to reflect your new value.
Special Note: Each discount coupon may come with different terms of use. It is advised to read or refer to the specific T&C before using any of the discount coupon.

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