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How do I place an order?

You can order easily and quickly by clicking add to cart. Each time you add a product into your shopping cart, you will see the number of content at the top right corner of the page.

If you have previously saved items in your shopping cart, you will see the list again once you have logged it.

How do I reorder from my previous purchase?

To reorder from your previous purchase:
  • Login to your account – Go to my account – Under orders summary.
  • All your purchases history is stored here, you may click on view order for details and reorder to purchase the same order again.
  • Please make sure you have logged in for the system to capture all your purchases details.

What if the product that i ordered is temporarily out of stock / backorder?

If an item selected is out of stock at the time of your order you email us to receive notification on the availability.

If an item you want to purchase is out of stock by the time we receive your order we will send you a backorder notification on the new delivery date or receive a full refund option.

I received an auto-notification email indicating that my favorite product is now in stock. But when I check the website, the product is out of stock. Why?

It is likely that your favorite was product sold out soon after it became available for purchase. To give yourself the best chance of getting your favorite product, place an order immediately after receiving the auto-notification email.

How long does it generally take to process an order?

It normally takes one to two business days for us to process an order.

Orders received upon payment approval between Monday and Friday before 12pm (GMT+8) will be processed within the day.

Orders received upon payment approval between Monday and Friday after 12pm (GMT+8) will be processed on the next business day before 12pm (GMT+8).

Orders received on Saturday and Sunday are usually processed by the second business day.

We will announce earlier shall there be a long holiday where all orders received will be processed only after the holiday.

What should i do if i have placed a duplicate order by mistake?

Please go to My Account > Orders Summary, to view all of your orders.

If you see the duplicate order, kindly email to us immediately. Once we received your information, we will cancel your order and refund full amount on the duplicate order without additional charges.

If the duplicate order has been shipped and received you will be refunded in full when the order is returned to our office.

Alternately, when we receive suspected order duplication we will contact you via email immediately for further instructions.

May I combine two or more separate orders to save on shipping costs?

Yes. We will combine all your orders with same shipping address.

If your combined orders weight more than 2kg (4.5pounds), we will separate your order to a few parcels. this helps to lower shipping cost.

Alternately, when we receive multiple orders we will contact you via email immediately for further instructions.

Can I place an order via phone, fax or emails?

No, we do not accept phone, fax or email orders. All orders must be placed online.

How do I cancel an order?

Once you have checked out and made payment, you will not be able to cancel or change your order.

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